About Famous Amos


The Famous Amos story began in 1975 at a bakery on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California. Inspired by a delectable family recipe, founder Wally Amos perfected the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. He used only the best ingredients to make his bite-size cookies. Their delicious homemade signature helped them gain fame just by word of mouth. From there, the Famous Amos story becomes a typical Hollywood success story.

Iconic musicians and other Hollywood celebrities began singing the praises of the delicious tiny cookies from the small bakery on Sunset.

The bite-sized beauties were beloved for their unique ingredients not typically associated with chocolate chip cookies. After that, the legend grew and grew, and soon the crunchy crave-able cookies were popping up all over the country.

However, this was just the beginning of the Famous Amos story. It was always a core belief of Wally’s that you make a tastier cookie if you use high-quality ingredients. While this has never changed, what customers looked for in a cookie did. They wanted fewer ingredients, internationally-inspired flavors, and nothing bioengineered. So we set out to find the best ingredients in the world and bring the bite-size cookie back to once again being Famous. That brings us to today, and we hope you enjoy our new Famous Amos Wonders from the World.


Our journey to find the most premium ingredients took us all over the globe. We discovered some of the most beautiful places and exquisite tastes the world had to offer. In Belgium, we walked along the canals sampling the richest, purest chocolates from the finest chocolatiers in the country. Off the sea of the Mediterranean, we inhaled the most aromatic hazelnuts one could imagine. We followed our scents and stopped at every farm along the way, where we enjoyed the most flavorful, robust hazelnuts known to man. Then, our journey took us to the sparkling white beaches of the Philippines, where we tasted fresh coconuts right off the trees. The sweet, lush fruit was so majestic we had to make it a morning ritual. Finally, we stopped in Britain to select a wonderful combination of toffee and caramel bits to make our cookies even more delicious with the sweet and salty combination often found in European bakeries. Somewhere during our travels, we were inspired to create a cookie that would beckon these adventurous culinary experiences in a bite.

The new Famous Amos Wonders from the World became a delightful evolution of our classic bite-sized favorites baked with the finest ingredients in the world like rich Belgian chocolate, sweet Philippine coconut, delicious Mediterranean hazelnut, and savory British salted caramel. Additionally, we simplified the old recipe to use fewer and finer ingredients, like natural vanilla extract. The results were a crunchier, tastier cookie in an array of exciting new flavors. So go ahead and take a bite of our Belgian Chocolate cookie and imagine strolling along the canals in Bruges. Try Philippine Coconut and White Chocolate Chip and envision sitting under a breezy coconut tree on the island. Experience Mediterranean Hazelnut and Chocolate Chip while picturing walking through a maze of hazelnut trees off the Mediterranean coast. Indulge in our British Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cookies and imagine hopping on a bus in bustling the UK, as the aroma of sweet and salty toffee fills the air.

Famous Amos Belgian Chocolate

Famous Amos Philippine Coconut

Famous Amos Mediterranean Hazelnut

Your bite-size adventure awaits!

Masarap. Heerlijk. Lezzetli. Famous Amos Wonders from the World are delicious in any language. Masarap. Heerlijk. Lezzetli. Famous Amos Wonders from the World are delicious in any language.