You don't need a passport to experience FAMOUS AMOS WONDERS FROM THE WORLD™. Our cookies are made with the ingredients from the most renowned places in the world and baked into the classic crunchy cookies you crave. Our elevated recipes use Belgian Chocolate, Philippine Coconut, Mediterranean Hazelnut and British Salted Caramel to create the perfect bite-size escape.

It's our vision that with each crunchy bite, you'll feel transported to the wonderful places where we gather our fine ingredients. So whether you imagine a leisurely stroll along the canals in Brussels, see yourself relaxing on the sparkling white beaches outside of Manila, or hopping on a train in the UK, there's a Famous Amos bite-size adventure waiting for you.

Savor The World in a Bite


The world's best ingredients are finally at your fingertips. You can choose from four irresistible flavors: Belgian Chocolate Chip, Philippine Coconut and White Chocolate Chip, Mediterranean Hazelnut and Chocolate Chip, and British Salted Caramel and Chocolate Chip. All four of our Famous Amos Cookies come in a 7oz resealable package. You can also find Belgian Chocolate Chip and Philippine Coconut and White Chocolate Chip 1oz pouches in multipacks of 10CT or in single serve pouches of 2oz.


About Famous Amos

The Famous Amos story began in 1975 at a bakery on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California. Inspired by a family recipe, the founder Wally Amos perfected the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. He used only the best ingredients to make his bite-size cookies. This delicious homemade signature helped them gain fame just by word of mouth. From there, the Famous Amos story becomes a Hollywood success story. Iconic musicians and other Hollywood celebrities began singing the praises of delicious tiny cookies from the small bakery on Sunset.

This was just the beginning of the Famous Amos story. It was always a core belief of Wally Amos that you make a tastier cookie if you use high-quality ingredients. While this has never changed, what customers looked for in a cookie did. They wanted fewer ingredients and internationally-inspired recipes. So we set out to find the ingredients from the most renowned places in the world and bring the bite-size cookies back to once again being Famous. That brings us to today, and we hope you enjoy our new Famous Amos Wonder From The World™.